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Customs Huse  
Customs House

Sugar Refinery  
Queensland Sugar Refinery
gouache, watercolour, pastel

pen, pencil and pastel



Heritage Train  
Heritage Train
gouache, watercolour and pastel

Abstract Landscape
mixed media

Ansett Terminal  
Ansett Terminal Sydney
mixed media

© 2006 Jane Grealy and Associates
Jane Grealy and Associates 
In my work I am always looking for a challenge — the essence of which is experimentation in media and subjects.

The Customs House watercolour was part of a fundraising exhibition of postcard size works by well-known artists.

The Queensland Sugar Refinery is a favourite subject, which I walk past almost daily. Like many industrial buildings, which are now being overtaken by inner city residential developments, this structure is now being dismantled.

The AQIS perspective has a sixties feel, probably due to the influence of Gordon Cullen’s series of drawings of Boit which I had been studying intensely.

Railway posters have been a popular tradition and this one was completed after a series of perspectives of the carriage interiors.

Abstracted images that result from experimental mixed media provide a contrast with the usually technical nature of most architectural illustration.

In the Ansett Terminal section, I attempted to combine the looser mixed media techniques with the structured detail required in such a view.