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Architect: Donovan Hill Architects
Client: Brisbane Airports Corporation
Size: 60cm x 30cm

This is a recent project for which I used a different approach. I had been studying the illustrations of urban theorist and designer Gordon Cullen (1914 – 1994). His work was always beautifully composed and I was particularly attracted to the textural qualities of the Biot series (1967). I resolved to concentrate on the composition of my drawing, completing 4 or 5 studies of 4 different views.

  Attention was paid to the landscaping detail and the perspective was hand drawn using black felt pen and pencil.

When choosing the colour palette, I wanted a restrained, almost monochromatic effect to reflect the colours of the building materials used. The drawing was intended to be viewed with the black line and tone as dominant and the colour muted and subtle. It is interesting to see the line drawing and colour drawing as separate and supplementary images. 

This was printed onto acetate and placed over a sheet of grey Stonehenge paper onto which the background colour of pastel and pencil was applied.  

Roll over the image to see the combined layers.

© 2006 Jane Grealy and Associates